Fundiswa Ntoyi

My thoughts on Creativity-Creativity is connecting the dots between Genius and Play..
I am a South African based Photographer and Artist.
All the pictures taken by me
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Visited the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape town. cool spot :)

My Work, sketch, art
©Fundiswa Ntoyi
#rogwalker #beewalker

New sketch this year, need to pull up my Drawing Socks!

. #rog Walker

Katlego Tshikare

© Fundiswa Ntoyi 2014

A stolen shot

© Fundiswa Ntoyi 2014

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Shot by Hawa

Self :)

Shot by Hawa


He is our ”Orange moon, reflecting the light of the sun”

Faith never knows where it is being led, but it knows and loves the One who is leading. ~Oswald Chambers